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Krazy Kindergarten

Krazy Kindergarten is a two-player kindergarten simulation you can control by face and voice commands. You are a kindergarten worker of 10 individual children and are responsible for the inner- or the garden-section of the kindergarten. Each child has different needs which need to be statisfied by using playtoys or other objects. Children could do some sports by playing with the ball or jumping on a matress or could be creative by drawing with crayons or sculpting in the sandbox. These actions are done autonomous by the children and it’s …

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I just moved this website to my new webhoster strato. I decided to quit evanzo because I no longer felt happy there. In the end I paid ~8 € a month for less features than now at strato. Fortunately the database…

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I’m proud to announce that by today Drakensang Online is in the state of  open beta. Drakensang Online is a Free to Play 3D Hack & Slay Action Browser-MMO based on the Drakensang saga and is developed by the Berlin studio of Bigpoint. Because my job on the development of Drakensang Online is mainly at backend and serverside I’m very exited about the servers load during the next days.
The technology behind the fantastic graphics is the Nebula3 engine. The browser support is achieved by embedding the native C++ application in an …

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Recently there has been published a fresh promo video for Krazy Kindergarten, one of my projects described here.
The video was created by team members during their video course at the Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin. Watch it below!

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Hello out there!
I finally set up this nice new base for me and my projects. Just give me a few days to fill it with content.