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About Me

Hi my name is Mats and I’m a Gamedesigner B.Sc. with a strong passion for programming games. I’m grown up in a town 9 km away from the baltic sea at northern germany.

I’m working at Bigpoint GmbH in Berlin and do some cool stuff on the Hack & Slay Action MMO Drakensang Online, mainly at backend and serverside.

This blog is about games, game development and other hacks. That means you can find games and projects I worked on as well as articles and tutorials I wrote within this blog or elsewhere on the internet.

I’m playing video games since I was 8 years, starting with Winter Games or North & South on the Amiga of my best friends brother. As soon as I learned C++ and Java in a course in school I became addicted to these tiny lines of code. Followed by C#, PHP, MySQL, ActionScript and UnrealScript I gained a lot of expierience with different kinds of programming languages and styles.

I studied game design since 2007 at the Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin. I graduated 2010 with an overall mark of 1.8. In my bachelor thesis I developed a client side dialog system which stores information about the players choices online at serverside.

I like to cook with nice people and play the Ukulele.

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