About Me

Mats Krengel

Hi! My name is Mats and I’m a Gamedesigner B.Sc. with a strong passion for programming games living in Berlin.

Currently I’m working at Geenee as a Backend Engineer. We are a Software-as-a-Service startup providing image recognition services. Think of Shazam for Images.

In the past I worked at Bigpoint. A Free-to-Play Online Game Developer. At Bigpoint I worked on the Hack & Slay Action MMO Drakensang Online. As a Backend Engineer and Tech Lead for the integration of the Game into the platforms of Asian partners.

I’m playing video games since I was 8 years, starting with Winter Games or North & South on the Amiga of my best friends brother. As soon as I learned C++ and Java in school I became addicted to these tiny lines of code. Followed by Elixir, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Databases, Terraform, Kuberenetes and Amazon Web Services I gained a lot of expierience with different kinds of programming languages, infrastructure and technologies.

At Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin I studied Game Design and graduated in 2010. In the bachelor thesis I created a client side dialog system which stores information about the players choices online on the serverside.

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