Krazy Kindergarten is a two-player kindergarten simulation you can control by face and voice commands. You are a kindergarten worker of 10 individual children and are responsible for the inner- or the garden-section of the kindergarten. Each child has different needs which need to be statisfied by using playtoys or other objects. Children could do some sports by playing with the ball or jumping on a matress or could be creative by drawing with crayons or sculpting in the sandbox. These actions are done autonomous by the children and it’s AI.

The kindergarten worker has some limited choices to control the child-crowd. So when it comes to some conflicts because children couldn’t play their desired playtoy the children are getting angry. For example Torben can’t play with the tricycle because Sarah-Marie is using it already he gets angry. Torben might search for an easy target to anger it.

Krazy Kindergarten Sprachbefehle

The players could compliment Torben on anger Sarah-Marie or say him to stop it. To do so, the player has to look at torben by moving his face (this controlls a mouse pointer) and say “Torben! Hör auf!” (“Stop it!”) into the microphone. Sarah-Marie began to cry while Torben angered her. To solace Sarah-Marie the player again has to look at Sarah-Marie by moving his face and say “Sarah-Marie! Alles wird gut!” (“Everythings going to be alright!”) into the microphone. There are more actions available to the players. They are shown in the picture beside.

Project Details

The project was done with the use of C++, the SDL media API (Simple DirectMedia Layer), the Microsoft Speech API and the image processing library OpenCV.

Krazy Kindergarten

I was the lead programmer and was responsible to get every programmer working on the right problem. I implemented the basic game-framework and the game-loop as well as the collision and the interface to support the SDL.

It’s a project I worked on in the last semester of my game design studies and puts together all the know how the team and me have learned so far. We were a team of 7 programmers and got help from 4 talented artists of the lower stage game design students.

Krazy Kindergarten Team


This promo video was made by students who worked on Krazy Kindergarten during a video compositing course.

This video shows some gameplay and the special beamer setup we used.


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