Perfect! A Gamer’s Dream is a classical point & click adventure and a parody of many different computer games and genres. You are playing Nancy Williams, a successful lawyer. Nancy hates computer games and wishes to take legal action on every computer game developer in the world. Unfortunately a mad game designer fell in love with her and developed an own virtual world to convince her of computer games and – of course – himself. One day Nancy wakes up after an evil dream and finds herself in a strange looking room of this new virtual world…

Nancy has to solve funny riddles and epic quests. She will meet Paladins and Dragons, Clara Lofts, Darth Nukers and many other well known video game characters inside this world.

Project Details

I took on the technical part of this project and wrote the whole game code. This includes a dynamic dialog-system with a XML interface, the scene-management and point & click adventure typical gameplay elements like the movement and item-puzzles. It was fully implemented in .NET C# and the Microsoft XNA Framework.

Of course I did not do this game by myself. We were a team of four members with Julius as game designer and story writer, Anna as character- and scene artist and Julian as item- and scene artist.

We presented this game at the Quo Vadis 2009 and the Living Games Festival 2009 and got nice feedback from the game industry.

Due to many other projects within our game design course we finally had to drop it. We had not the time to finish it so today it is a nice demo in which you can play one comlete level. After one year of continous development among the other projects of our game design studies.


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