Roleplay to Infinity

Roleplay to Infinity is an epic mini-roleplay-hack’n’slay-with-mobs-bossmobs-and-healthpots like game wich I developed during a Java course within my studies at Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin. You play the player-character (I gave him this name), fight victims and boss victims in a small area. The player character can gather experience through killing victims and level up to get stronger. Each area is filled up with 3 normal victims, 1 boss victim and 1 health potion. After all enemies in an area are gone the player character ports to the next area including new victims and health potion.

The start menu of Roleplay to Infinity.

That’s it. Basically to infinity… I heard rumors about a friend of mine getting addicted so much that he played this nice little game until area 154 which must have taken him ALOT of time.

Project Details

I developed the whole game by myself within 2 weeks. I made the graphics using Photoshop and the code using Java and Eclipse IDE. I like the very object-oriented approach of this game. Simple object-oriented structures made it possible to maintain a really small and understandable code base. A nice feature as well is the random position algorithm of victims and health potion.


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