The Deadline is a 3D tower defense game. You control the U-do-I-51337 robot (short Udo) inside a skyscraper and protect the janitor against getting eaten by zombies. Udo can move on a rail, which is attatched to the ceiling. To get to the next floor of the skyscraper Udo has to move along any of the four sides of the floor to reach the stairway. No, there is no elevator.

The camera problem

The zombies enter the building at the bottom level in seperate waves and heading to the roof where the janitor sits. They have to move around the floor just like Udo and have to take the stairway as well.

The core tower defense element is, that Udo can activate and upgrade office furniture. Furniture elements are a blocking filing cabinet, a slowing swivel chair and a damaging ventilator.

Project Details

The game was build with the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) within 2 month of effective development and a team of 17 game design students from Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin.

The Deadline

My part in this project takes place on the programming side. I was responsible for every programmer and technical artist to set up the correct build environment inside Visual Studio. We used the NFringe plugin to get UnrealScript code highlighting and IntelliSense. The most time intensive part was the development of special triggers for the fast gameplay experience of The Deadline. I also spent many hours in developing and polishing the HUD.

The development was featured on, a huge online gaming magazine in germany. They published 6 articles about the good and bad things of the development of The Deadline.


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